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Interested in starting a blog to promote your community’s recycling program but not sure where to begin? Sometimes the best inspiration for a blog comes from reading other blogs, especially the more influential and successful ones.

Try to get in the habit of reading other blogs on a regular basis. It can be fun! There are recycling blogs, political blogs, sports blogs and even blogs for people who knit! The   entertainment and learning opportunities are limitless.

We've provided a few blogs here for recommended reading, but if you have one you'd like to recommend please comment below or e-mail us at! -
This blog, dedicated to promoting recycling in North Carolina, is written by the folks at the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance. It's one of the best blogs promoting recycling we've seen. They update their posts regularly with information important to North Carolina residents.

Lifehacker -
This blog is dedicated to tips and downloads to help you organize your time and life better. Articles vary from advice on how to make the most of your digital devices (IPhone, MP3 player, etc.) to ways to incorporate money-saving practices into your daily routine (i.e. brewing the best coffee you can at home).

You Gotta Be Kidding -
Designed to help promote the state of Georgia's statewide recycling education campaign, has taken on a life of its own. The blog's four contributers (who are ficticious, yet hilarious) each talk about their ridiculous reasons for not recycling (i.e. Tommy's constant quest to find a new planet for us all to live on once Earth is filled with trash).

Got2BeGreen -
Focuses on ways to incorporate being "green" into your everyday life, such as taking advantage of tax credits out there for purchasing certain eco-friendly items.

Mashable - 
We're always stressing the importance of using social media in your communications with residents. This is the largest and most popular blog dedicated enhancing your use of social media and social networks like Facebook, Youtube and MySpace.


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