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Make ‘Em Laugh - Use Humor as an Education Tool

Recycled toilet paper?
So we can breathe better!

Got your attention, didn’t we?
Humor can be one of the most successful ways a company can relate to its audience. It establishes rapport and makes companies and products seem more relatable.  This slideshow portrays some of funniest Superbowl commercials of all time, prime examples of the hype and success you can create simply with laughter.
People are attracted to humor and the same could be true for your recycling education campaign. A funny, attention-grabbing message or tagline might be the education goldmine you have been looking for. While we all know that recycling is serious business, we don’t have to sound that way in our education. And in fact, being too serious can be a major barrier to relating to your residents.
CVP recommends that you back off from constantly “selling” recycling to your residents and instead let them enjoy some entertainment (or what feels like entertainment). While there is a time and place to talk basics and “how to’s” give yourself a break now and then.  
Here are a few ways to insert humor into your efforts:
·         Share a list of the craziest items residents have tried to recycle (then be sure to remind them what IS accepted in your program)
·         Create a rap song and other rhyme about recycling (being sure to keep it upbeat and short)
·         Everyone loves a good pun and let’s face it, recycling is full of them. Play with words related to recycling like “waste” and “can” and have some fun (just try not to be too cheesy!)
But wait! While we are sure you are a top-notch comedian, proceed with caution when trying to insert humor into your outreach and education tools. Not everything you publish has to be funny. The point of a little comedy is to enhance your message, not overpower it.
Marketing humor shouldn’t be limited to just one outlet either.  Try inserting a laugh into an infographic, as well as a third party presentation and on your social media pages. You could also use humor at events when interacting with residents by wearing costumes or getting people to pose with funny recycling messages and taking their photos. Just don’t forget to have fun with it! That’s the point, right?
For more ideas on innovative and cost effective marketing techniques, read this article from Forbes.
We want to hear from you … What is the best example you’ve seen of effective humor marketing? Comment below or email us at

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